22. Nov 2017
22. Nov 2017
Music Centre Splendor, Amsterdam
Mahler and Wagner: A joined spirituality?

Mahler: Der Abschied

A combined lecture / musical evening

Musicologist Eveline Nikkels. Chair of the Dutch Mahler Foundation, will illuminate the spirituality of Mahler and Wagner; her lecture will be supported by their music.

The second part of the evening consists of a concert of Stipendiatin Maari Ernits, singing Wagner and mezzosoprano Margriet van Reisen with ‘Der Abschied’, part of Mahler’s ‘Das Lied von der Erde’. She will sing directly from Mahler’s own handwriting, with a score given by Alma Mahler to Willem Mengelberg, published this spring in a facsimile-edition.

(Evening in cooperation with the Gustav Mahler Foundation; Music Centre Splendor, Amsterdam; 19:30 h).

Members of other Wagner Societies are most welcome to attend.  Please email the Secretary to let him know.