17. May 2018
17. May 2018
Göteborg Opera, Sweden
A tribute to Birgit Nilsson - An epic celebration of the Göteborg Opera's godmother
From the website of the Göteborg Opera:

Concert at 19:00 at the opera house, Göteborg

The Swedish Birgit Nilsson was the 20th century's foremost dramatic soprano. As the 17th of May 2018 would have been her 100?? birthday, on this date her memory will be celebrated the world over. In Gothenburg she lent her talents to gigantic productions of Aida and Turandot staged at Scandinavium in the 1970s. When the Göteborg Opera opened its doors, she became godmother of the house, and could often be seen at the premieres of Wagner’s works.

It has become a tradition that Swedish singers are always a prime choice for Wagnerian roles across the globe. We will celebrate Birgit Nilsson together with some of those who have followed in her footsteps. Sopranos who have wowed the continent with roles from what has come to be known as the “Nilsson repertoire”. They will each sing a number, which heard together will illustrate the breadth of La Nilsson’s abilities – from Wagner and Strauss to Italian operas by Verdi and Puccini.

The gala concert will conclude with a joint performance of Ride of the Valkyries by a world-reknowned group of talented singers here to pay their respects to Birgit Nilsson, which will no doubt raise the roof.

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