19. Apr 2018
7. May 2018
La Monnaie, Brussels
New Olivier Py Lohengrin to premiere in Brussels
The WS Brussels are delighted to announce that the renovations to La Monnaie theatre in Brussels, which necessitated its closure for two years, are now completed and that the long-awaited and much reported Lohengrin, directed by Olivier Py, is on the programme.

The Chairman, Jean-Paul Mullier has managed to reserve an allocation of tickets for Wagner Societies for the matinée on Sunday 22 April 2018.

The Director of the opera has also agreed to lend the WS Brussels the foyer on Saturday 21 April for an event for the Wagner Societies.  There will be a lecture from Professor Mrozowicki  from Gdansk, who may be known to many of you from his previous Lohengrin lectures in Brussels and in France.  This is a subject that he knows very well.  We will also probably have the Dramaturg, along with other speakers, although their participation has not yet been confirmed.

There will be a private tour of the restored theatre for participants.

They are planning to round up the programme with a meal on the Saturday evening and on Sunday morning, with a visit to the "fin de siècle" museum, which contains a very interesting section devoted to Richard Wagner.

Hotels in Brussels are affordable and of a high standard (compared with Paris or London).

Jean-Paul Mullier hopes to have the pleasure of welcoming members of the RWVI to Brussels in 2018.