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17. Sep 2022
17. Sep 2022
San Francisco
WS Northern California - Film Presentation: Global Wagner, From Bayreuth to the World
September 17, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. 
Film Presentation: Global Wagner, From Bayreuth to the World. 

This is a new 97 minute documentary dedicated solely to the world's fascination with Richard Wagner. The film is a revealing feature-length study of life with Wagner's legacy from one Bayreuth Festival to the next. Film makers traveled the world meeting devoted Wagnerians and the creative teams who are producing Wagner's work today. 

This film is by Axel Bruggemann and the distributor Naxos has made this presentation possible.  The documentary will be introduced by WSNC President Terri Stuart. 

Copies of the DVD will be available for purchase. The Wagner Society will adhere to the health and safety guidelines established by the JCC-SF. Attendees must bring proof of full vaccination which will be inspected by JCC-SF Staff Members. During the meeting all Attendees will be required to wear masks which fully cover the nose and mouth.