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Travel Report by Jacques Bouffier: International Richard Wagner Congress Dessau
It is a travel Report by Jacques Bouffier.
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Dear Friends,

I left Dessau 18 May, then spent a few days in Regensburg, and finally attended the Wagner Festival in Wels (Austria). Terry and I are back in Paris, preparing our trip to Greenwich and New York (3-29 June), where we will be visiting friends. Unfortunately, we are not able to go to Los Angeles this time, but we will go there in 2016, at the occasion of the Ring in Washington (we will be attending the last cycle).

I would like to add more info to my email from Dessau, which you received at the closing of the delegates meeting.
(note that I am cc'ing this email to past members and non-members from Australia and New Zealand.)

The congress was well attended. There were important motions to be discussed. From my constituency (as we call it), Jane Mathews, Shirley Breese, and David Cline were present. Also, Dale Bisland, from Scotland, who is among Andrea Buchanan's constituents, and a member of the English speaking "team," was present. They participated very actively in the debates re the motions, and I want to thank them for representing the interest of the overseas WSs with good sense, passion, and talent.

The President in his Report addressed the question of the vote of no confidence voted at the February 2015 board meeting in Frankfurt--a lack of confidence reiterated (including the role of the Secretary) in the letter signed by 10 members (out of 13) of the board.

In a move to resolve the crisis, Thomas Krakow asked the delegates to proceed to a vote of confidence on his presidency.

After the discussion that gave delegates and members of the board the opportunity to give their opinion, a vote of no confidence was rendered. Subsequently the President decided to resign. Horst Eggers (Bayreuth. Treasurer in the preceding board) was elected President, and thereafter Günter Cisek (Würzburg) was elected Secretary.

The assembly then proceeded to address the important motions that needed to be voted by the delegates.

The Graz motion (supported by Thomas Krakow in his Report).
This motion called for 1) to reduce the board from 15 to 8 and 2) to abandon the 50% quota rule regarding the German/non German composition of the board. Jane Mathews spoke strongly from the floor to express her disapproval. Rainer Fineske (Berlin) and I voiced our opposition to this motion. The motion was defeated.

The Proxy Vote motion.
As you well know, this question has been discussed since the Leipzig congress, and was of the utmost importance for the overseas Wagner Societies (under-represented at congresses). Gisbert Lehmhaus  (Düsseldorf), a member of the board, wrote an amendment that modifies the provisions of the statutes relating to the transfer of votes in the RWVI constitution. He spoke eloquently at the meeting, and he convinced members, who were hesitant in the past re this question, that it was a good change for all Wagner Societies and the RWVI. The motion was overwhelmingly approved. Proxy voting should be operative by the next congress in 2016 (in Strasbourg, France).

You have received a letter from the new President, Horst Eggers. His vow to renew a positive dialog with the management of the Bayreuth festival is very encouraging for us. Of particular importance, to find a fair new way/system to make the attendance at the Bayreuth festival easy for all Wagner societies, of course, but particularly for the very distant Wagner societies. I intend to work 100% on this matter this year. I already talked in Wels to Shirley about this, and I welcome your ideas. I'll keep you informed as I formulate the ideas that I will present to Horst Eggers and members of the board.

Best to you all,

Jacques Bouffier
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Richard-Wagner-Verband International e.V.