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Associazione Richard Wagner di Avellino
Via San Francesco Saverio 1
83100 Avellino
Fon: +39 349 2684424
La Voce Wagneriana - Associazione Richard Wagner of Avellino is the association dedicated to researching the documents related to Richard Wagner's life, work and legacy.

The Association has founded the editorial collection Quaderni Wagneriani - dedicated to Wagnerian essays and unknown documents - and, together with the Associazione Richard Wagner of Milano, contributes to the publication of the Rivista Wagneriana.
It has also created La Voce inattuale, an Italian podcast about Wagnerian culture. 

It is working to realise the Biblioteca Wagneriana Digitale (Digitial Wagnerian Library) with the aim of digitalising Wagnerian documents in Italy. This archive will soon be shared with scholars and enthusiasts.

Watch on YouTube the conferences (in Italian) of the La Voce Wagneriana - Associazione Richard Wagner of Avellino.
Listen to the podcast La Voce inattuale on Spotify.

President: Dr. Luca Maria Spagnuolo
Vice-president and Communication: Dr. Lucia Cambria
Art Director: Dr. Andrea Camparsi
Musicological research and Artist liaison: Dr. Claudia Laraspata
Spanish language representative: Dr. Federico J. Ginzburg Natalucci


Dr. Luca Maria Spagnuolo