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9. Aug 2023
11. Oct 2023
Wagner Society of Scotland - Discover Parsifal with David Nice

From David Nice:

“Join us for the transcendent apotheosis of a saga that began live up in Gartmore House, Scotland, with Das Rheingold back in 2018. Siegfried saw us move to Zoom, and it’s been working well ever since. Parsifal has some of the most sublime music ever composed, yet also some of the most anguished. Much more than a quasi-religious ritual, it underlines a very simple theme that Wagner may not have lived, but certainly believed in – the value of compassion.

“After an introductory session for context, we will be following the course of the drama with excerpts from a wide range of recorded performances on CD, DVD and YouTube, watching the whole opera along the way. I am also hoping we will be able to welcome special guests as we have before; so far, we’ve welcomed Susan Bullock, Linda Esther Gray, Dame Anne Evans, Jay Hunter Morris, John Tomlinson, Mark Wigglesworth and Richard Jones.”

Fee:  £150 for the whole term of ten two-hour classes on Zoom

Email:  david.nice@usa.net ASAP to confirm a place

David’s courses come highly recommended, and we very much hope to see you at this course, conducted again, under the auspices of the Wagner Society of Scotland.

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