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Update on Wagner Congress Madrid 2022
A message from the organisers about this exciting forthcoming Congress in February 2022
Wagner Congress Madrid 2022 

Dear Presidents of the Richard Wagner Associations, dear Members of the Richard Wagner Association International, dear Wagnerians of the world,

We are very pleased to inform you about the Wagner Congress 2022 in Madrid. It will take place! The dates are February 24th to 28th, 2022.

About a month ago we had to choose between 2 options:

- First option was to postpone the congress to October because the corona situation may then be better and with the travel agency Ars Musica, as we wished.

- Second option: we hold the congress as planned, in February, without Ars Musica but with a new travel agency.

The following points were important in our decision:

- Who guarantees us that the Corona situation will be better in October than in February? What happens if the situation does get worse in October? Can the Madrid Congress be cancelled forever?

- The congress in Munich 2021 was going to take place. So does the Symposium on the New Bayreuth in Berlin. The theatres around the world are full, people are happy to go to the opera again and to travel.

- Madrid was the only city in the world in spring 2021 where culture was supported despite the complicated situation and where theatres, restaurants, museums ... were open.

- The Teatro Real received the International Opera Award 2021 for the best opera theatre in May 2021. In July 2020, the Teatro Real reopened its doors as the first theatre in the world and in the following months this was unique with uninterrupted scenic activity. This has become a symbol of strength, creativity, and effort on the international scene.

Together with President Rainer Fineske, we decided in September that our congress should take place in February. Madrid warmly welcomes the Wagnerians from the 125 local Richard Wagner societies.

Registration forms (A for the activities, B for the hotels) and the programme are ready and can be found on the RWVI website and also together with this news to download.

We would like to highlight a few points about the program:

- Teatro Real: The Teatro Real will be very present during the Congress, but from a different perspective each time:

o   At the opening we will be in the ballroom (restaurant) for our private event.

o   For the symposium we are in the “Sala Gayarre” conference room.

o   At the “Götterdämmerung” we experience the Teatro Real as such and we will stay in the salons of the Teatro Real for a cocktail (drink and eat) after the opera.

- Music: The music will of course be very present in the congress and not only the music of Richard Wagner, but also Spanish music. We would like to surprise you a little with this, so the musical offering is not shown in full in the program. We promise that the quality will be very high and that you will not be disappointed. If you still want more details in advance, we will of course be happy to provide this information.

- Food, music, events: In many congresses we are used to having food, musical events, and other activities separately. Everyone can choose to have an opening concert or a welcome dinner separately. The prices in the registration forms are also separate. In the Congress Madrid 2022 we often find these offers together:

o   In the welcome dinner we have the opening, a musical event and the gala dinner together.

o   In the farewell dinner we have the farewell event, the 30th anniversary of the RWVI, music and food together again.

o   When visiting the Prado museum, we have again an event with food and drink (and a surprise) together.

In Spain, the important social events are always associated with good food (and drink). We can hardly separate them. The music is also very present when we are celebrating.

- Cancellation conditions: The cancellation conditions are particularly optimized. We know how difficult it is to decide in times of pandemic. It is important to us that you come to Madrid and feel safe. Details can be found in registration forms A and B.

- Registration form A has several pages: Please do not forget that form A does not fit on one page. We are working on preparing an online registration, but unfortunately time is short, and we have the registration forms in paper form as usual.

- Temperature and weather: Temperatures in Madrid in 2021 were as follows: 16-18 degrees with sun during the day, without rain, at night 4-7 degrees. We recommend that you take sunglasses with you.

- Extra offer to Andalusia: For this we will create more information and offer separate registrations. The price in the registration form A is calculated for 6 days in a 4-star hotel and AVE (express train). We are working on offering other options, which will make the offer a little cheaper. This information follows.

- Video conferences: We will offer 2 video appointments (via Zoom) so that we can hear everything about Madrid and the Congress directly from us and ask questions. We are very pleased. The dates take place on the 24th November for German and Spanish, the 1st. December for English and French.

More Details here:https://www.richard-wagner.org/rwvi/de/veranstaltungen/kalender/   or

- Our website: There is a special section on our website for the congress (https://www.awmadrid.es/es/congreso-2022). There you can get a little more information. Our site is automatically translated from Spanish to German, French and English using Google Translator. We apologize if not every translation is correct.

 For any question, please do not hesitate to contact via Mail  to esther@awmadrid.es. We look forward to experiencing Madrid with you.

Kind regards,

Esther Lobato
Vice President AWM