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RWVI VP Alessandra Althoff-Pugliese receives Wagner Prize
Congratulations to Alessandra Althoff-Pugliese, Vice-President of the RWVI, who was honoured with the annual Richard Wagner Prize awarded by the city of Ravello

For the past eight years, the town of Ravello has hosted a prestigious international vocal competition, which has proved to be a springboard for young talent and attracts entrants from all over the world (including from Japan, China, Korea, Australia, USA, Canada, South America, Russia, & Europe), who flock to Ravello for four days of music, competing in up to three rounds of the competition - preliminary, semifinal and final - subject to rigorous selection for the prizes of three scholarships aimed at encouraging further preparation for an artistic career.

This is a high-profile event for young opera singers, in no small way due to the presence of the top management of the great Italian opera houses and the renown of the judges, along with the acclaimed musicians who participate in the final concert.  This is open to the Italian and international public, who follow the competition with great enthusiasm every year, revelling in the opportunity to see and hear the opera stars of the future.

Every year, in addition to the coaching grants awarded to young talents, the town of Ravello, in recognition of the resonance due to its special relationship with Richard Wagner, awards a Special Richard Wagner Prize to a person or a cultural institution that has promoted the work of the great German composer.

Over the years the prize has been awarded to Walter Vergnano (Superintendent of the Fondazione Teatro Regio di Torino), Giandomenico Vaccari (Superintendent of the Teatro Petruzzelli of Bari), Maestro Gino Marinuzzi (via his daughter), Maestro Roman Vlad and Rosanna Purchia (Superintendent of the Fondazione Teatro di San Carlo in Naples).

This year, the committee of the town of Ravello comprising musicians, musicologists and ardent music lovers has identified Professore Alessandra Althoff-Pugliese, President of the Richard Wagner Society of Venice as the recipient of the prize.

The Prize was awarded to Professor Althoff-Pugliese by the Mayor of Ravello Avv. Salvatore Di Martino during the final evening of the competition on Sunday, December 11 at 20:00 in the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium.

Please join the Board of the RWVI in offering our sincerest congratulations to our colleague and friend Alessandra upon receipt of this great, and much-deserved honour.