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News from the Committee

Testament from the RWVI to the recently deceased Herr Gerald Bunge
We are sad to announce that the long-standing President of the Wagner Society of Wuppertal, Herr Gerald Bunge died suddenly and unexpectedly on 5 October 2017 at the age of 73.
Herr Bunge led the Wagner Society of Wuppertal for almosts ten years with great dedication and success, along with a profound commitment to the work of Richard Wagner.

In losing Herr Bunge, the Richard-Wagner-Verband International is deprived of an outstanding personality.  
With his consistent attendance and benevolent way of doing things, Herr Bunge contributed greatly to the positive development of the RWVI.

We will always honour his memory in our thoughts.

Photo: Westdeutsche Zeitung
Caption: Sigrid Brill and Gerald Bunge sent a young artist to the Bayreuth Festival every year.