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News from the Committee

Heinz Weyringer to step down as Chair of the Graz Wagner Society
After 23 years at the helm of the Wagner Society in Graz, Austria, RWVI Board member Heinz Weyringer has announced that he is stepping down
Herr Weyringer sent the following email to RWVI President Horst Eggers:

Dear President

I should like to inform you and the other RWVI Board members that I have stood down as Chair of the WS Graz as of the end of January 2018 and have passed the baton to our well-known, experienced and efficient fellow Board member Dr. Alexander Singer.
23 years after the foundation of the Wagner Forum - which came into being with considerable support from both Wolfgang Wagner and Josef Lienhart - it is time to make room for new creative thoughts, ideas and a new approach and to place these in good hands.

I will remain a simple member, although as a result of my extensive network in the field of music theatre, I have been asked to continue organising the artistic and cultural lectures in Graz.

I will also continue to serve on the Board of the Ring Award and as Chairman of the Mortier Award, and I am also delighted to remain a member of the RWVI Board.

With all best wishes


PS.: The email address wagner-forum-graz@inode.at will now be used by the present Board.