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News from the Committee

The RWVI mourns the death of Paul Götz
It is with deep sorrow and profound gratitude that we bid farewell to our valued former member of the Board of the RWVI
Died 5 March 2018

Government Official (retired)
Holder of the Federal Cross of Merit with Ribbon
Winner of the Bayreuth Gold Medal

Along with his family, the work of Richard Wagner was at the centre of his life. 
His decades of voluntary work as Chairman of the Richard-Wagner-Society of Bayreuth and as Managing Director of the Richard Wagner Scholarship Foundation, established by Wagner himself was highly valued by many Wagnerians throughout the world.

Our condolences go to his family.

Richard Wagner Association International e V.
Horst Eggers, President

You can read a tribute in German on the website of the Wagner Society of Bayreuth here.

The attached article from the Nordbayerischer Kurier was published in 2016 to celebrate Paul's 80th birthday.