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News from the Committee

The Chairman of the WS Brno held a successful vernissage in Bayreuth.
Vladimir Kiseljov paints and writes about "Mysteries - inscribed in faces".
The artist Vladimir Kiseljov, Chair of the WS Brno, in addition to being a painter, is now also an author.

On 18 August he held a vernissage at the Engine's Ponte in Bayreuth,  with pictures inspired by the meaning of Wagner's works.

The event was also held to mark the publication of his second book (in Czech and English) entitled "Mysteries - inscribed in Faces".
In the book he focuses on 22 famous artists, mostly composers, in short essays in each of which he sketches important stages of their lives, and tries to crystallise their spiritual-philosophical connections - mysteries are just, never quite, but certainly not in this limited space, too exhaustive to fathom.

Kiseljov tries to intuitively visualise these mystifications with his own images of the faces of the artists.

This was an exciting event that encouraged the participants to discuss, ask questions, and - not unimportantly - buy some books.
To note: Vladimir Kiseljov is also happy to come to your soceity to present his musically framed LIVE PAINTING, where a finished painting is created within an hour.  The painting can then be auctioned to an attendee.