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News from the Committee

RING AWARD - three teams nominated for the Finals
The Jury considered nine radically different directing and design concepts and nominated three teams for the finals in June


Team Alicia Geugelin (DEU) / Christin Schumann (DEU) / Pia Preuß (DEU) / Elise Schobeß (DEU)
Team Krystian Lada (POL) / Didzis Jaunzems (LVA) / Natalia Kitamikado (POL)
Team Anika Rutkofsky (DEU) / Eleni Konstantatou (GRC) / Johanna Danhauser (DEU) 

The audience prize of EUR 1.000, sponsored by the WAGNER FORUM GRAZ, was awarded to:
Team Jasmin Sarah Zamani (AUT) / Stefan Czura (DEU) / Linda Hofmann (DEU)

In the RING AWARD 20 Semifinals 9 very varied directing and stage design concepts for the competition opera "Don Giovanni" were presented in an entertaining and multimedia way by international young artists before the jury and audience in "Next Liberty" Graz. In the run-up to the event, the teams had already discussed their concepts and had undertaken rehearsals and feasibility tests in front of the jury.

From the 9 semifinal teams, the international jury chaired by Nora Schmid (Intendant Opera Graz) and Iris Laufenberg (Intendant Schauspielhaus Graz) finally nominated three teams, who will be given the chance to perform parts of the final act of the competition opera "Don Giovanni" by W. A. Mozart at the Schauspielhaus Graz in June.

RING AWARD 20 Finals: Saturday 27 – Sunday 28 June 2020 in the Graz Playhouse, HAUS 1

You can read more on the website www.ringaward.com