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News from the Committee

Update on the Ring Award Final in Graz
We have received an update in the form of a letter from Heinz Weyringer, director of the renowned Ring Award, evidencing great optimism and determination

I would like to inform [you] about the current status of the RING AWARD in these difficult and turbulent times for all cultural workers.

The year 2020 started so well for the RING AWARD! From 9-11 January 2020 we were able to hold our wonderful semi-final with 9 highly motivated international teams, our renowned jury and a large interested audience, from which three promising final teams emerged. Here a review of this beautiful event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7XFAdaawc4&t=12s

We then went full steam ahead with the planning of the finale, and at the beginning of March we were still able to conduct the important discussions with the workshops and finale teams, during which the drafts of the three stage sets were finalised in line with the budget and are currently just waiting for the commission. After that, everything went one step further - restrictions and measures due to the corona virus. We have long hoped to be spared the restrictions with our late final date of 27 & 28 June 2020. Unfortunately, a government decision destroyed this hope.

An event like the RING AWARD final needs a long lead time, in addition to restrictions due to the already tight budget. The main obstacle also proved to be the abolition of the freedom to travel - for our international jury and the international directing and singing teams, unfortunately still an insurmountable hurdle at the moment.

But: The RING AWARD final must take place! Our three final teams should have the chance to show their skills and there should be a deserved winner of the RA 20. This is my firm conviction and we have been working hard for weeks to achieve this. We had hoped to be able to announce an alternative date today, but unfortunately there is a "maximum uncertainty in planning" at the moment. Together with our cooperation partners Opera Graz, Schauspielhaus Graz, Next Liberty and the University of the Arts, we are working intensively on possible alternative dates and scenarios. We will of course keep you up to date as soon as new information becomes available.

Until then - as an eternal optimist - all that remains for me to do is to look ahead and fight for the RING AWARD and hope to experience the exciting final in Graz with you sooner rather than later.

Best regards and stay healthy,