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Book Review - "Zwischen Tatkraft und Verblendung" (Between energy and delusion)
The Richard Wagner Association Munich as the "Capital of the Movement" 1933-1945
In the above-titled book, the Wagner Society of Munich has taken on a subject that is still difficult today - the period 1933-1945. Like many German societies that have existed since the end of the 19th century, the Munich Wagner Verband did not get through the difficult years of 1933-1945 without being close to the National Socialist regime.

The Munich society with its member historian Dr. phil. Elisabeth Fuchshuber-Weiß has succeeded in publishing the historical facts from 1933-1945 in a very impressive book with extensive documented research and to prepare it intensively for the reader.

To quote Karl Russwurm (current President of the WS Munich): "The burdens that derive from some of the statements, letters and writings of the composer himself weigh too heavily, and above all the view of the further course of German history weighs too heavily, for the darkest chapter of the society's history not to have finally demanded a solid scholarly reappraisal".

With this book, the Munich Wagner Society has acknowledged the darkest chapter of its rich and active life and thus perhaps encouraged other Wagner societiess to take on their own long tradition, which is present in every respect and in many societies available in abundant historical volumes. It is a particular stroke of luck for the Munich society to have one of its own members who was able to take on this section of German local society history with knowledge, meticulousness and perseverance.

Publisher: Richard Wagner Association Munich e. V. Allitera Verlag Munich Price: 24,90 € ISBN 978-3-96233-263-1
Only available in German

Rainer Fineske