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RWVI and WS Munich benefit concert for Ukraine
A letter from our President, Rainer Fineske in support of the Ukraine Benefit Concert in Munich on 25 March
Ladies and Gentlemen Chairpersons and Presidents,

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war that has been dragging on for three weeks has initially put us all in a state of shock from which we are slowly awakening and which has left us stunned.

Since the first days of the war, I have been in close contact with the three Ukrainian associations in Kiev, Charkiv and Lviv and for some time now there has only been contact with the chairperson from Lviv, Mrs Lesya Kotyuk, who last contacted me three days ago.

How can we help, support the people directly and collect donations, that was my first thought, which was also taken up by Karl Russwurm, our Munich Chairperson, and organised in the form of a benefit concert.

The RWVI, together with Karl Russwurm and his members in the Munich chapter, is pleased to bring you today the benefit concert on 25 March 2022 as a live experience or Zoom Concert.  See the attached flyer below for further details

Donate, whether small or large amounts, whether you can be there on site or only on your screen. Being there is everything, almost everything, donations even more, we are all challenged and many of us have already donated and we are grateful for every amount, the people thank you and all of us.

In close solidarity with our Ukrainian fellow citizens

Yours Rainer Fineske