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News from the Committee

New publication: Biography on Cosima Wagner
Message from President Rainer Fineske about this new biography
Dear Sir or Madam,

Today I would like to recommend a new biography on the life of Cosima Wagner to you and I would be very grateful if you would also forward the book recommendation to your members. Unfortunately, it will initially only be published in German, but many members of our international associations also understand the German language.

You may ask, why yet another biography and one about Cosima Wagner? Quite simply, it is not an ordinary book, but the analysis of the writer and journalist Sabine Zurmühl, who has dealt and dealt with Cosima Wagner in particular from the perspective of the female potential of her time and the role of Cosima Wagner in contemporary history. Many of us know Sabine Zurmühl personally and she was and still is a member of several Richard Wagner associations and has given lectures on many topics of contemporary and women's historical perspectives.

In this book, she not only takes on the ambivalent personality of Cosima Wagner, but she also places her in the historical context of her time and thus shows us today's readers in a clear and understandable way why Cosima was and became the way we have come to know her from previous biographies on the one hand, but under what particularly difficult situations she also prevailed due to her personality and her excellent connections to the great personalities of her time.

The book is entitled: Cosima Wagner "A Contradictory Life" and will be published in May by Boehlau Verlag under ISBN 978-3-205-21501-1 at a price of 39,00 €.
Rainer Fineske