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Obituary Josef Lienhart
Greetings from RWVI President Rainer Fineske.
Dear Friends,

 It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that our President and Honorary President for decades, Josef Lienhart, died February 2 after a severe stroke.

His decades of tireless work for Richard Wagner and our associations will not only remain unforgettable but also uniquely memorable for us. For me personally, Josef Lienhart was not only a very, very good friend, but also an excellent and experienced advisor on many issues in relations with the federations, but also in relation to their history.

His great achievements for the Freiburg federation and its development and his tireless founding and support of the international federations, always combined with diplomatic skills, will forever be associated with the name of Josef Lienhart. His knowledge of the work of Richard Wagner and his music has set unique standards for all of us.

With sad greetings

Rainer Fineske

Photo: Josef Lienhart receives the "Goldenes Stadtsiegel", Freiburg in 2019. With Ex-President Horst Eggers