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News from the Committee

Presidium meeting in Berlin 10 to 11 March
Report by President Rainer Fineske,

Dear Wagner friends, chairmen, presidents,

On Friday and Saturday 10.03. and 11.03.2023 another meeting of the Presidium RWVI took place. This time, we were able to work in almost complete presence of the members. On both days of the meeting, we continued to work on the development of our survey with the topics of workshop and further development of communication and prepare several meetings during the 2023 Festival. In addition, at the beginning of the Festival there will be a panel discussion with Valentin Schwarz on last year's new production Der Ring des Nibelungen and its revival this year. 

In the photo, which was taken at the very end of the session, Alessandra Pugliese and Matthias Lachenmann, who had left, are missing. Also Arabella Hellman who was present all the time through Zoom.