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i-phone/i-pad Wagner Leitmotif App available
Available to download from the Apple store, this app will play up to 20 minutes of Wagner Leitmotifs on your Apple mobile device

You can search for this app in the Applie store by using “Ring-Motifs” or “Wagners Leitmotifs”  in theApples App Store.  The app is available in English.

The „leitmotifs“ are listed by in the app by name and opera in which they first appear. For each „leitmotif“ the melody is played on a Steinway piano. The app contains some interesting statistics e.g.a “ranking” of the most frequently played leitmotifs.

Price €4.99, US$4.99

The motifs were recorded by the German pianist Volker Kolmetz. Each leitmotif is played according to the transcription made by Julius Burghold* in 1910 from Wagner’s score. The notes are displayed synchronistically with the music and the app plays the music continuously. The total recording time for all motifs is approximately 20 minutes. 

The app also includes a guessing game - it randomly plays a leitmotif and offers a multiple choice list of possible names of the motif for the user to guess.    

*©  Julius Burghold „Richard Wagner - Der Ring des Nibelungen, vollständiger Text mit Notentafeln der Leitmotive,1910