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Lyon: Screening of A Voice for Richard Wagner
The Lyon WS invites you to the screening of a new documentary "A Voice for Richard Wagner" by Nicolas Crapanne
Screening of the documentary film written and directed by Nicolas Crapanne
Saturday 28 April 2018 at 10 am 
Library, Lyon Part-Dieu
The series "One Voice for Richard Wagner" is made up of short video clips written and directed for the website "The  Richard Wagner Virtual Museum" whose designer and editor-in-chief, Nicolas Crapanne also wrote and directed these exclusive encounters with the most talented and emblematic Wagnerian singers of our time. Stolen and privileged moments, often between rehearsals or even before entering the stage, these extraordinary lyrical artists evoke their - often singular - career paths and reveal themselves freely in front of the camera. From their beginnings - sometimes unexpected - to the rigorous learning of the most difficult and demanding musical repertoire, these men and women who have devoted not only their careers, but often their entire lives to "serving" the art of Richard Wagner, reveal their profound humanity and a touching closeness to us, the audience that applauds them on stage. 

The film will be presented in preview at the Library of Lyon Part-Dieu on April 28,2018 in the presence of the author-director.  It is intended as a relaxed Wagnerian stroll, bringing together the artists that the series will have already presented.

Author-director: Born in Lyon in 1973, Nicolas Crapanne received a double training in music as well as in Marketing of Cultural Products and Services (EDHEC Group, Lille). After working as a product manager for a cultural and musical tour operator, Nicolas Crapanne developed a concept of musical events designed to promote young operatic talents to foundations and companies during private concerts, Nicolas Crapanne turned to writing and directing numerous cultural documentaries for French and German television.  In 2013, he embarked on the adventure of a totally new series on television with Histoires d' Opéras (ARTE), of which he is both the author and the director, a challenge that was met with great success when he read the critics of the French and German press, who praised him for his comments on the first four episodes of this series. Nicolas Crapanne, a member of the Wagner Society in Lyon, is the author of several essays published on the internet about German romantic opera. He is also the designer and editor of the website Le Musée Virtuel Richard Wagner.

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