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News from the Members

The WS Köln has a new website
After only three months of construction, the WS Köln now has an attractive new website.
Letter from the Chairman Christian Stürzl to Horst Eggers, President of the RWVI

Dear Herr Eggers

I am pleased to inform you that the  WS Köln has a new website after only three months of "construction time". With this "renewal" we are offering not only our members but also all interested Wagner friends an informative and visually attractive internet platform.   

You are invited to click below and view the site.

Furthermore I am pleased to report that the WS Köln has taken over the sponsorship for the honorary grave of Dr. Hans Richter in Bayreuth. The Lord Mayor of the City of Bayreuth, Mrs. Merk-Erbe, has willingly agreed to our request. During the 2018 Festival, a bowl decorated with fresh flowers decorated the grave. In 2019 and 2020 the grave will again be decorated during the Festival. This iniative is financed by donations from the members of the  WS Köln. 
I would be pleased if you Could announce this information also on the Internet site of the RWVI.
I thank you for your interest and remain

Yours truly

Christian H. Stürzl
Richard Wagner-Verband Köln e. V.