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News from the Members

WS Northern California sponsors young singers
The Wagner Society of Northern California is the only North American Society to sponsor young singers as entrants in the RWVI International Singing Competition for Wagner Voices
Theresa Stuart, President of the WS Northern California wrote to us, following the minutes of our last Board meeting in which the limited support of some Wagner Societies for the competition was lamented.

We are delighted to note that WSNC is an honourable exception.  Ms Stuart writes as follows:

"We of the Wagner Society of Northern California would like to bring it to the attention of the RWVI, that our Society has sponsored the appearance of one of the finalists for this years' Singing Competition for Wagner Voices and also for the prior Vocal Competition.

In 2015 our entrant, Ms. Marina Harris, was a finalist and prize awardee. On Sunday December 9th Ms. Harris will be performing for our Society at our annual Cosima Wagner Holiday Party, singing works of Wagner and Strauss.

 In 2018 our finalist was Samuel Levine, tenor.  Mr. Levine was not one of the final award winners.

 It is the goal of our Society to encourage young Wagnerian vocal artists in the San Francisco Opera Gaetano Merola Program and Kurt Herbert Adler Fellowship Program. We hope to find a suitable candidate for the next Wagner Stimmen Competition."

Photo: Ms Stuart with KFV from the excellent website of WSNC www.wagnersf.org