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News from the Members

A successful regional RWVI conference in Austria
The Presidents of all the Austrian Wagner Societies met up in the Mozarteum in Salzburg for an exchange of views and experiences
For RWVI Board  members Heinz Weyringer and Karl Russwurm this was all about establishing better relationships between the Austrian Wagner Societies and bringing this successful group together once again round a table to a regional conference.  Thus, despite the motto "Tu felix Austria nube", this was nothing to do with a wedding!

The aim was to facilitate a more intensive exchange of experiences among the Chairs than is possible at congresses or random meetings, and gradually deepen regional co-operation.

Karl Russwurm from Munich (admittedly not-quite-but-almost Austrian) managed to get everyone’s schedules aligned and to book a wonderful conference hall in the Salzburg Mozarteum.

To round off the day’s discussions, there was even a (free) guided tour through what is arguably Austria’s most important music education centre.

Naturally, In 6 hours it was not possible to come up with any patent solutions for the most urgent problems (lack of young members, the fact that only a few board members are truly active, competing cultural societies and visitor organisations, too few sponsors...), but the presentation and discussion of individual concerns of each society did provide some useful clues and approaches that are now being addressed more constructively and in some cases jointly.

The following concrete points were agreed:

- joint mailing list of Chairs

- Exchange of information about speakers in advance, possibly a joint contract for "tour".

- Clear division of tasks within the Committee, creation of a task matrix (position, tasks, Committee member)

- early promotion of potential trips in which one or more "neighbours" could take part

- When members/scholarship holders relocate, the contact details are passed on to the "host" Chair.

- greater use of the possibilities of the RWVI websites (NEWS, EVENTS)

Additionally, "handing on" or "accompanying" of members or scholarship holders at a change of location as well as joint travel etc. were agreed upon.

 There was also some discussion about the RWVI, in particular about its potential, and holding the "Singing Competition for Wagner Voices" in a more attractive travel destination for Societies than in the past.

Thus a start has been made. The group decided to meet again this year in Graz, possibly with the involvement of Societies from some of Austria's south-eastern neighbours.