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Wagner Society Düsseldorf - Market Research Project
In co-operation with the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf, the Wagner Society of Düsseldorf will conduct a market research exercise from April to July 2019
The project forms part of a lecture series under the direction of Dr. Julia Römhild within the Master’s programme „Arts and Cultural Management“.

Unique in all of Germany, this Master’s programme offers a combination of research and teaching in the fields of communication and management of the arts and culture.

The students, organised in groups, will investigate several questions around the satisfaction and structure of the members of the Düsseldorf Wagner Society, along with their expectations and will also explore potential barriers to entry for future members.

Within this project, the students will accomplish an entire market research exercise. The groups will have to develop the concept of their studies on their own. Thus, they will design a questionnaire, collect data, analyse the data and report the results to the Richard-Wagner-Verband Düsseldorf e.V.

The Richard-Wagner-Verband Düsseldorf e.V. aims to gain new impetus for its activities and general direction from this co-operation. After completion of the project the relevant results and implications will be provided.

Proposed topics:

·         Empirical analysis of member satisfaction
·         Empirical analysis of members’ expectations
·         Empirical analysis of non-members, using the example of a target group of visitors to the opera
·         Empirical analysis of non-members using the example of a target group of students
·         Empirical analysis of members’ satisfaction with the lecture „Richard Wagner – Self-marketing und the establishment of a brand“; given by Professor Dr. Nicholas Vazsonyi, professor of German language and literature studies, University of South Carolina, Columbus, USA