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News from the Members

Holländer house in Meudon, France
The modest house outside Paris where Wagner composed The Flying Dutchman has been transformed into a monument to the composer and the opera
The current owner, with the help of an architect, had this house rebuilt entirely in the spirit of this opera.

Madame Agnès-Souliez now organises small-scale, selective concerts and cultural events in the house  in cooperation with the society "Les amis de Meudon" and its partner society "Baguette & Pretzel" ( Meudon is  twinned with the German town of Celle ).

Since the Aachen Agreement between Germany and France agreed in January of this year, there have further developments in the twinning arrangements and closer cultural ties are being established.

These initiatives are also shared officially.

You can read all about the house and the initiative in the attached brochure (in French).