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Berlin not Bayreuth - an alternative Tannhäuser
From the music theatre collective glanz&krawall comes a radical interpretation of Tannhäuser, performed in Berlin
glanz&krawall – Musiktheaterkollektiv



23.-25. August 2019
B.L.O.-Ateliers, Kaskelstraße 55, 10317 Berlin

  • Das Helmi with Cora Frost
  • glanz&krawall
  • Melentini
  • Romano
  • Tanga Elektra
  • Vanessa Stern 
Artistic Directors Dennis Depta und Marielle Sterra (glanz&krawall)

With BERLIN is not BAYREUTH Berlin gets finally what it deserves: a little, pretty and pretty anarchic Wagner festival, created by a collective of young artists of the alternative theatre and music scene of Berlin.

On 23th – 25th of August 2019 the Köpenick rapper Romano, the feminist performer Vanessa Stern and Ensemble, the puppet theatre group The Helmi supported by the singer and actress Cora Frost, the Electro soul brothers Tanga Elektra, the Greek avant-garde Pop musician Melentini and the concert combo glanz&krawall bring Richard Wagner for three days to Berlin and crush him from his genius platform.

 BERLIN is not BAYREUTH tries on the vanguard artist area of the B.L.O. - Studios (not far from the culty S-Bahn station Ostkreuz) all that, what usually creates horror and fear in the hearts and minds of ordinary lovers of classical Wagnerian Bühnenweihspiele: a hierarchy-free mix-up of E- and U-music, elite culture and Pop.

Wagners artist opera „Tannhäuser and the singer’s contest on Wartburg“ will not only have in the summer 2019 a Bayreuth premiere, but is also the basis for the Berlin festival debut. Premiered long ago in Dresden, „Tannhäuser“ discovers the role of the artist in a society, which is not able or not willing to recognize his art. After his return from the Venusberg the Minnesänger refuses to obey to the existing order on the Wartburg - an always repeating process of self reproduction in the singer’s contest. The new, the other one finds no entrance into the canon.

Tannhäuser is an artist without audience, he brings the (musically) new and remains nevertheless an outsider. Like Bob Dylan once, when he was merciless booed by his own fans because he changed the acoustic guitar for an electric one. This leads to the question: How can today create something new and get rid of the old mechanisms?

„Here […] on a beautiful meadow near the city I would like to create  a raw theatre after my plan. If everything is done correct, I would let stage  three performances in one week: after third the theatre shall be torn and my score shall be burned. To the people, who liked it, I would say: “Now  make it the same way! “, wrote Richard Wagner in 1850.

Wagner built this house as known on „the Green hill “, for more the late Wagner lacked courage. Under the artistic direction of Marielle Sterra and Dennis Depta of glanz&krawall BERLIN is not BAYREUTH will take up the early Wagner spirit and will start a radical counter project to the classical festival business. The young music theatre artist address beneath the bourgeouis elite of the opera and festival houses particularly those people, who have never seen an opera house from the inside and who associate with Wagner first a brand of frozen pizza.

BERLIN is not BAYREUTH is the confrontation of different Berlin artists from the performing arts and pop music with Tannhäuser. On four open air and indoor stages are placed the central locations of the opera: Venusberg, Wartburg with singer hall and Vatican.

The audience is welcomes on the central free area of the B.L.O. - Studios at the Nöldnerplatz. From there on the cosmos of Tannhäuser opens. The opera becomes walkable. Musicians and performing artists use the open stage equally, in a 6-hour marathon every day and parallelly.

It culminates in a mutual happening, like a merger of Rock and Electro festivals.

The audience moves freely on the former railway area. They decide themselves, when they see which part for how long. (...) Everybody is watching therefor another, individual production and is close to the actors and the music.

Concert, festival and party float together. Figures of one world become observers to other stages.

BERLIN is not BAYREUTH is opera as festival as utopia.

With: The Helmi with Cora Frost, glanz&krawall, Melentini, Romano, Tanga Elektra and Vanessa Stern
Directors: Dennis Depta and Marielle Sterra (glanz&krawall) performances

Friday 23. August

17.00 opening and Picnic

18.00 – 24.00 TANNHÄUSER with Das Helmi with Cora Frost, glanz&krawall, Melentini, Romano, Tanga Elektra, Vanessa Stern

00.00 Aftershow-Party im Venusberg 

Saturday, 24. August

16.00 opening, visit B.L.O.-Ateliers, Picnic und Tafeln: Bring your own or buy from us.

17.00 Discussion "Der Einbruch des Pop in die Oper" 

18.00 – 24.00 TANNHÄUSER with Das Helmi with Cora Frost, glanz&krawall, Melentini, Romano, Tanga Elektra, Vanessa Stern

00.00 Aftershow-Party im Venusberg 

Sunday, 25. August

15.00 opening, visit B.L.O.-Ateliers, Picknick und Tafeln: Bring mit, was du hast oder: Kauf dich glücklich!

16.00 Discussion "Schluss mit Richys Frauenbild"

17.00 -23.00 TANNHÄUSER with Das Helmi with Cora Frost, glanz&krawall, Melentini, Romano, Tanga Elektra, Vanessa Stern

To get the total cosmos of BERLIN is not BAYREUTH. VOL. 1: MORE TANNHÄUSER, a festival visit of several days is recommended.

Tickets festival programme


20 € / 15 € reduced / 10 € Berlin passport

festival ticket 30 € /25 € /15 € Berlin passport

Mäzen*in-Pass 50 €


B.L.O. - Studio, Kaskelstraße 55, 10317 Berlin direct at the rapid-transit railway S Nöldnerplatz S5/S7/S75/S9 (10 minutes removed from the station Berlin Alexanderplatz)

The former engine shed Berlin Lichtenberg Ost (B.L.O.) 2004 became converted into the B.L.O. - Studios. The 11,000 qm large areas accommodates 50 studios, factories, workshops and training rooms.

BERLIN is not BAYREUTH is a festival under the artistic direction of Dennis Depta and Marielle Sterra (glanz&krawall).

Promoted by Mitteln des Hauptstadtkulturfonds und der Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

RBB Kulturradio – taz – Theater der Zeit – Neues Deutschland

Conditions 23. March 2019 – subject to change

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