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News from the Members

Once again the Circulo Wagner in Lisbon wins Bayreuth's cinema prize
You've got to hand it to the enterprising Circulo Richard Wagner of Lisbon.....
Not only do they manage, for the second year running, to be the only Wagner Society outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland who get to see the premiere in Bayreuth in the cinema, but a member of the audience in Lisbon won the lottery prize once again.

Teresa Cochito, the formidable President of the Society and the driving force behind this enterprising initiative reports that, once again, the screening of the opening night of the Festival, held in the cultural centre in Belem with the support and co-operation of the Goethe Institute of Lisbon, was a a roaring success, with every single ticket sold.  The audience were additionally able to benefit from subtitles in Portuguese, which were shown in real time, underneath the original German titles.

One of the most long-standing and loyal members of the Society won the competition, and is the lucky recipient of two tickets to the Premiere at the Festival in 2020.

There was much rejoicing in Lisbon at the news.

We hope that other Wagner Societies in European non-German speaking countries will be inspired by this example.  If you want to find out how to go about arranging cinema transmission in your country, you should contract Teresa.