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Wandrer heißt mich die Welt - a new book on Wagner's travels
This new historical travel guide (in German) traces Wagner's steps in his many journeys around Europe
Markus Kiesel, Joachim Mildner, Dietmar Schuth
Wandrer heißt mich die Welt
In the footsteps of Wagner throughout Europe
Foreword by Daphne Wagner

Published by ConBrio

As all good Wagnerians know, the composer travelled extensively and wrote about his travels.  He was greatly influenced by what he learned and experienced in the various places he visited.

This new book is an indispensable guide for all Wagnerians who like to travel or at least to travel virtually in travel guides. All the stages of Wagner's life are included, and are clearly set out in words and pictures. For the first time, Wagner's life story is told geographically rather than chronologically.

All the locations Wagner stayed in have been thoroughly researched, with some of them revealed for the first time. Actual addresses that can still be seen today are presented and illustrated by photographs or drawings.

2019, 272 pp, Hardcover, over 800 colour photos and illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-940768-80-3
€ 54,00