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News from the Members

An afternoon with Jade Tan at the RWA Singapore
Singaporean mezzo soprano Jade Tan gave a fascinating account of her time in Bayreuth this summer during the Wagner festival
Jade attended the Festival under the annual Sponsorship programme, nominated by RWA(S). She was able to share her experiences of the composer with others on the programme from the world of opera, get intriguing insights into the opera house, the Bayreuth tradition and Wagner's philosophy. She saw three operas, including a new production of Tannhäuser, which was the one she appreciated the most, particularly liking its highly innovative approach.

James Poole then spoke briefly about the performances seen by our members and friends who went to the festival this year and how much they had enjoyed them (See “Bayreuth experiences” below)

Accompanied by pianist, Elena Tuganova, Jade then sang“Les Deux Grenadiers”, a song composed by Wagner during his rather unhappy years in Paris (1839-42). That was followed by Fricka’s aria from Die Walküre, in which the goddess expresses her outrage at her husband Wotan’s readiness to disregard his own laws and acquiesce in the incestuous relationship between Siegmund and Sieglinde. Finally, Jade sang Waltraute’s aria from “Gotterdammerung”, in which she tells her sister of the despair of the gods and appeals to her to save them from the curse that hangs over them, which can only be done by returning to the Rhinemaidens the ring that rightfully belongs to them.

Jade outlined the context for the songs with the help of slides and also displayed translations into English of each song. 

Jade’s performance was received with rapturous applause from the 46-strong audience. It was a most enjoyable event.

Jade Tan’s web page has more information about her experience and work so far: https://www.jadetanshiyu.com/biography2

She will sing the role of Waltraute in the (Singapore) Orchestra of the Music Makers’ production of Die Walküre on 5 January 2020.  See https://www.orchestra.sg