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Eva Maertson gives a talk in Munich
Eva Maertson, former President of the RWVI, gave a talk in Munich on the popular theme of women and Wagner, shedding new light on the issue
Photo (from left) Esther Russwurm, Karl Russwurm, Eva Maertson, Oswald Georg Bauer, Eva Wagner-Pasquier, Gunther Kobras

Malwida von Meyesnbug was neither a "muse" nor a source of money, but rather a close and long-standing friend and confidante of Richard Wagner.

When the revolution of 1848 spread through Germany at a furious pace, Malwida von Meysenbug joined the democratic movement, inspired by the ideas of freedom, equality and brotherhood. In her, Richard Wagner met an energetic champion of women's equality.
Prof. Maertson not only managed to engage the audience with quotations and musical examples but also took them on an exciting journey into the 19th century.

Afterwards there were plenty of questions and comments from the audience.
The event was attended by the WS Munich Honorary Member Eva Wagner-Pasquier.

Afterwards, discussion continued during the traditional Richard Wagner Stammtisch.