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Germany's leading compendium of Musical Life is now available in English
With its rich cultural heritage and a lively music scene, Germany is a land of music. Millions of people sing in choirs or play an instrument; music theatres, orchestras, ensembles and bands constitute a varied musical landscape. Every day we experience the most diverse genres, styles and musical cultures. In a new publication, the German Music Information Centre now bundles selected facts about musical life in English and describes developments in central areas: from music education and amateur music-making to professional music practice and the music economy.

22 essays by specialist authors with backgrounds in science, cultural policy and music practice provide insight into a broad range of topics:

Christian Höppner - Introduction: Musical Life in Germany
Ortwin Nimczik - Music in Germany’s state education system
Michael Dartsch - Music education outside the state school system
Johannes Voit - Music communication
Hans Bäßler, Ortwin Nimczik - Education for music professions
Astrid Reimers - Amateur music-making
Gerald Mertens - Orchestras, radio ensembles and opera choruses
Tobias Schick, Richard Lorber - Independent ensembles
Arnold Jacobshagen - Music theatre
Benedikt Stampa - Concert halls
Franz Willnauer - Festspiele and festivals
Stefan Fricke - Contemporary music
Peter Wicke - Popular music
Hans-Jürgen Linke - Jazz
Julio Mendivil, Kerstin Klenke - World music
Meinrad Walter - Music in church
Dörte Schmidt - Musicology
Martina Rebmann, Reiner Nägele - Information and documentation
Heike Fricke - Music museums and musical instrument collections
Karl-Heinz Reuband - Preferences and publics
Holger Schramm - Music in broadcasting
Wolfgang Seufert - Music economy

The book is aimed at a broad audience: experts looking for data on the music economy will find what they are looking for as well as interested laymen who would like to get an overview of the concert hall landscape or the state of amateur music-making.

This publication has been made possible by the kind support of the Minister of State for Culture and the Media.

Musikleben in Deutschland
Publisher: German Music Council / German Music Information Centre
2019, 620 pages, 14.8x21 cm, paperback
ISBN 978-3-9820705-0-6

Postage and service charge per copy:
€10 (within Germany)
€14.50 (within the EU)
€20 (outside the EU)

You can order a copy here.