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Wagner Masks to keep us safe
An enterprising Wagnerian is making Wagner masks for sale so that we can proudly display our affinity
The letter below was received from Herr Frank Koch.

You can find the order form below with instructions on how to purchase these masks (in German)

We have checked with Herr Koch and he would be happy to quote for postage world wide.

Dear friends of Richard Wagner,

"Make a Wagner mask," said a concertmaster of the Festival Orchestra and a dear friend when we met in Bayreuth in mid-May.

So here it is, our Wagner mouth-nose mask. Embroidered on the mask is not only the profile of Richard Wagner, but also the currently apt title of Hans Sachs' aria: "Wahn! Madness! Madness everywhere!".

For many Wagnerians our mask will be a very beautiful, usable accessory. And: what could
be more stylishly reminiscent of the unusual Bayreuth Festival 2020 than this special and high-quality

The mask is available for ladies and gentlemen and in four versions at a price of 17.00 €/piece, including VAT, plus shipping costs, which will vary depending on the quantity and the destination.

Would you like to order?

Then please enter your order on the attached form and give us your contact details and delivery address.

Profabriq GmbH Alsenberger Str. 25, D-95028 Hof 
Telefon +49 9281 / 54930-30 - Telefax +49 9281 / 54930-40, 
Email: info@profabriq.de 
Registergericht: Hof HRB 5310 - 
?Geschäftsführer: Frank Koch - USt-ID-Nr.: DE815511037