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WS Lyon - The Knight of the Swan - a project by Stéphane Ingouf
A gigantic work project entitled "The Knight of the Swan" dedicated to that archetypal Wagnerian, King Ludwig II of Bavaria.
The Cercle Richard Wagner - Lyon hosted for the second time in December 2017 Stéphane Ingouf, a self-taught draftsman, passionate Wagnerian, pianist in his spare time and very busy with many other things, for the publication of a small illustrated biographical album dedicated to Richard Wagner, already very representative of his highly personal style, based on an unusual graphic form. Following in the footsteps of painters who created visual enigmas, from Arcimboldo in the 16th century to Salvador Dali, Stéphane Ingouf pushed back all the limits of the genre, inventing drawings with three, four, six and even eight points of view (where most authors are content with two-way paintings), combining the reversibility of images, the entanglement of motifs, variable vision according to distance, anamorphoses and other metamorphoses.

This little book was in fact only the prelude to a gigantic project entitled "The Knight of the Swan" dedicated to the archetypal Wagnerian, King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Stephan Ingouf spent part of his childhood in Konstanz, Baden-Württemberg. From this period he developed a passion for the beautiful landscapes, medieval villages and Baroque castles of southern Germany. Deeply marked by these powerful and romantic visions, he decided already at that time to create a "great work", of which the legendary Ludwig II of Bavaria, an aesthete king, lover of wilderness, music and architecture, and patron of Richard Wagner, would be the central figure. This extraordinary project took several decades to complete. "It's a child's dream, which has become a fabulous adult challenge," writes the author.

In order to carry out his ambitious design and to translate the elusive personality of the Bavarian sovereign, he developed his unparalleled pictorial art to an unparalleled level . Gathered under the title "The Knight of the Swan", this album with its exceptional graphic design, entirely made up of optical illusions and reversible images is finally born!

"Vollendet das ewige Werk" as Wotan would sing!

This highly original work is a spectacular dive into his universe. Despite its documentary precision, it is not an illustrated biography but a totally personal artist's vision. The two hundred optical illusions that make it up make his creation a graphic feat unique in the world.

This 158-page black and white album is offered at a price of 25 euros.

You can order it directly from its author by going to the "Knight of the Swan" website.