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News from the Members

News from and congratulations to the WS New South Wales
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the WS New South Wales. Following a recent Board meeting, they have a new President and officers.
Firstly, the RWVI would like to congratulate one of its most active and impressive members - the Wagner Society of New South Wales on their 40th anniversary.

Their recent newsletter, packed with interesting articles and updates on events in Australia (including the very good news that the Brisbane Ring has been postponed for a year and should take place in 2021) is appended below.

The new Board in Sydney consists of:

COMMITTEE 2020 - 2021
President Esteban Insausti
Immediate Past President Colleen Chesterman
Vice President 1 Mike Day
Vice President 2 Marie Leech
Treasurer Margaret Whealy
Secretary Ross Whitelaw
Membership Secretary Lis Bergmann
Members Nick Dorsch,Robert Mitchell
Quarterly Editor Mike Day
Artists’ Liaison Leona Geeves
Technical Consultant Florian Hammerbacher
Public Officer Alasdair Beck