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News from the Members

Some news from the Icelandic Wagner Society
The Society is pleased to announce the start of their Zoom programme
The Icelandic Wagner Society has had to cancel many events during the last months, fortunately the AGM could be held in June. Last week the society started with online lectures, through zoom. In November there will be two lectures by Arni Blandon on Richard Wagner and his works as they appear in Cosima Wagner’s Diaries. In December Arni Björnsson will talk about his research on the influence of Icelandic literature on Wagner and the Ring, already published earlier in the book Wagner and the Völsungs.

The Icelandic Society has with great pleasure been following the Wagner Societies of London and New York which have been generously offering many interesting online lectures and conversations with artists. They have also been sending out a lot of informative information on events. For the Icelandic public, English usually is no problem.

A specially popular subject this autumn is the great work of Alex Ross, “Wagnerism, Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music”. Alex Ross has been interviewed many times, introducing the book he has been working on for 10 years. On this youtube link you can see him being interviewed by Stephen Fry:


In the hope of better times ahead of us we look forward to meet RWVI members in 2021

Selma Gudmundsdottir