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News from the Members

WS Queensland - Wagner eBooks for sale
Dr Peter Bassett, President of the WS Queensland, has notified us of four Wagner ebooks which can easily be bought and downloaded
Dear fellow Wagnerians,

As we look forward optimistically to 2022, I would like to share with you access to four Wagner eBooks, which may be downloaded easily via www.wagnerebooks.com. The price is just USD 10.00 per book using a variety of cards or PayPal. Each book can be downloaded immediately to your computer. Currency conversions will be done automatically in the payment process. I hope that these eBooks will contribute to your enjoyment of Richard Wagner’s great works. The website www.wagnerebooks.com also provides previews, details of the author, and a contact facility.

With all good wishes for the New Year!

Dr Peter Bassett
The Wagner Society in Queensland Inc.