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Associazione Wagneriana di Milano
Via Silvio Pellico 6
20121 Milano
The Wagnerian Association of Milan (Associazione Wagneriana di Milano) has been working for many years to spread the music, poetry, and philosophical, social, and existential message of Richard Wagner. It conveys a message of peace, love, compassion, respect, and brotherhood among all beings who share their existence on our planet.

The events of the Wagnerian Association of Milan (lectures, concerts, musical meditations, presentations, and screenings) take place from September to June at 8 p.m. in the Conference Hall of the Amici del Loggione del Teatro alla Scala, located at via Silvio Pellico 6, in Milan.

The Wagnerian Association of Milan looks forward to welcoming with joy all those who wish to become members and share the extraordinary emotions and profound human and spiritual values that Wagner's music and poetry convey through timeless musical masterpieces.


Vice-President: Mº Prof. Marco Targa
Ratsmitglied: Liliane Konigsman


Vize President
Mº Prof. Marco Targa