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Wandrer heißt mich die Welt
A historical travel guide to Wagner's wanderings around Europe
Siegfried Wagner 150. „… mindestens ein halber Esel …“
New publication series from the International Siegfried Wagner Society 3, Cologne 2019, Paperback, 21 x 14,8 cm, 200 pages, with many illustrations, ISBN 9783924522735,
The Trouble with Wagner by Michael P. Steinberg
University of Chicago Press, 2018 $37.50 Steinberg offers an account of the Wagner bicentennial Ring for La Scala/Staatsoper Berlin along with a reading of the psychology, philosophy and history embedded in this work. NB link is to British Amazon.
Curtain, Gong, Steam: Wagnerian Technologies of 19th Century Opera
By Gundula Kreuzer University of California Press - $55.98. An examination of the intertwined developments of opera as an art form and the technical machines that have brought it to life.
The Only Way is up - memoirs of Sir Donald McIntyre
Together with The Sir Donald McIntyre Trust, the Wagner Society of New Zealand arranged for the funding and publication of this book, not only as a way of honouring the society’s patron, but also as a way of celebrating its own twenty-fifth birthday.
Les Voyageurs de l'Or du Rhin. La réception française de la création munichoise du Rheingold
New book by Luc-Henri Roger, foreword by Nicholas Crapanne (in French)
Götterdämmerung in der schönen neuen Welt
A Science fiction novel based on the final part of the Ring Cycle - by Stefan Thiel (in German)
The Wagner Journal Archive now free online
The prestigious British Wagner Journal is now offering many of its archive editions free to access on line.
Isolde's Dream - the story of Mathilde Wesendonck
Author Judith Cabaud calls on a host of hitherto undiscovered sources to tell the story of Mathilde Wesdendonck, muse and paramour to Richard Wagner.
Égo-dictionnaire de l’opéra par Numa Sadoul
Plus du tiers de ces pages sont consacrées au seul Richard Wagner, objet d’étude privilégié de l’auteur, aussi bien comme metteur en scène que comme analyste.
Being Wagner: The Triumph of the Will by Simon Callow
Renowned British Wagnerite actor, fascinated by Wagner's bizarre psychology, has turned his research for the 2013 one man play into a book. Available on Amazon for £14.00
Richard Wagner by Hans Gal
English translation of this seminal work by Gal, an Austrian who fled the Nazis ending up in Edinburgh, where he was one of the founders of the Festival. Available second hand from Amazon in English.
Richard Wagner by Derek Watson
A vivid, witty and remarkably comprehensive biography from 1983 in English by the distinguished former Chairman of the Wagner Society of Scotland. Available from Amazon.
Visions of Valhalla: a poetic tribute to Richard Wagner
Steele Roberts has recently published a book of 57 poems by John Davidson in an illustrated collection entitled Visions of Valhalla: A poetic tribute to Richard Wagner.
Roger Scruton - The Ring of Truth: The Wisdom of Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung
An exploration of the drama, music, symbolism and philosophy of the Ring
Eckart Kröplin - Richard Wagner-Chronik
Die vorliegende Lebenschronik Richard Wagners, die erste seit Jahrzehnten, zeichnet Leben und Schaffen in seinem wechselvollen Gang.
Opera News Awards - Waltraud Meier
Her voice is a dark star, big, bold and bright, but black in color.
An award for the great German Mezzo-Soprano
Article by Henry Stewart.
Richard Wagner: A Life in Music
Guide to The Flying Dutchman - Ruprecht Frieling
From one of Germany's best known authors of guides to Wagner.
The Sorcerer of Bayreuth - Barry Millington
One of the best-known and most popular popular recent books on Wagner
The Wagner Experience & Its Meaning to Us - Paul Dawson Bowling
In this bicentenary celebration of Wagner and his music, Paul Dawson-Bowling introduces, deepens and enriches the Wagner Experience for the newcomer and the seasoned Wagnerian alike
Wagner and the Art of the Theatre - Patrick Carnegy
a comprehensive review of the evolution of ideas on how to stage Wagner operas
The author provides background on various 19th century traditions and deals extensively with Wagner's own attempts to create a new form of opera
The Wagnerian
topical and wide-ranging about Wagner's performances and books about Wagner
Bayreuth Festival Theatre
German Opera House exclusively used for the famous "Wagner Festspiele" in Bayreuth
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Opera Now - Monthly British opera magazine
Opera Now covers every aspect of the opera world, from historic events and fabulous divas of yesteryear to the latest trends and the rising stars of tomorrow
Opera - British monthly opera magazine
OPERA has been the world's leading commentator on the lyric stage for over 65 years. It was founded in 1950 and since then has provided unrivalled coverage of events
The Wagner Journal - Leading English Language Wagner publication
The Wagner Journal is a periodical that seeks to examine Wagner and his works from a variety of perspectives – musicological, historical, literary, philosophical and political.
Opera News - journal from the USA
One of America's leading opera publications, published by the Metropolitan Opera Guild