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8. Dec 2019
8. Dec 2019
Wagner Concert at St John's church, Waterloo
Hereby notice of a concert performance at St John's Waterloo comprising the Tannhäuser Overture, Venusberg music and opening Venus/Tannhäuser scene, coupled with Liszt's Dante Symphony, with his properly extreme take on Hell, Purgatory, before arriving safely in Paradise. Wagner advised his father-in-law to not attempt to portray heaven, so we are greeted by an angelic choir at heaven's portals instead.

This is Palace Opera's fifth concert at St John's. Earlier concerts included Prelude, Act 2 and Liebestod of Tristan und Isolde, Act 1 and Act 3 scene 3 of Die Walküre and Richard Strauss' Ariadne auf Naxos.

The soloists in this concert will be Zoe South and Edward Hughes, whose earier performances for Palace Opera been very much enjoyed by the Wagnerians who attended.

This concert at St John' Waterloo is on 8th December and starts at 19.00. Tickets at £20 can be bought at the door or from wwwevent.brite.co.uk