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30. Nov 2019
30. Nov 2019
RWA Singapore - Ride with the Valkyrie! - an introduction to the opera
The Richard Wagner Association (Singapore) invites you to Ride with the Valkyrie! (Arthur Rackham illustration)

"Die Walküre" (in English, “The Valkyrie”) is a story of frustrated ambitions, tragedy and above all, love. This dramatic and, at times, moving work is the second opera of Richard Wagner’s great Ring cycle.

On January 5th, the Orchestra of the Music Makers is presenting a semistaged production of “Die Walküre”.* If you’d like to find out more about the music and the story before then, here’s your chance to do so. “Ride with the Valkrie” is an introduction to the opera that will be of interest both to those who have seen the opera before and to first-timers who might wonder what it’s all about.

Dr Katherine Wallace will speak about the plot, the drama and the ideas behind “Die Walküre”.
Dr Peter Kellock will discuss the music, including the use of themes associated with particular people and objects (leitmotifs) in the opera.

Venue: Found8, High Street Centre, 1 North Bridge Road, Level 8, Singapore 179094
Time and Date: 3-5pm, Saturday 30 November

If you wish to attend, please register in advance by emailing RWA(S) at wagnersingapore@gmail.com with the header “Valkyrie”. Spaces are limited and will be provided on a “first come, first served” basis.

For this reason, we ask anyone who registers but is unable to attend for any reason to let us know so that others may take up the place. *For more information, see “Forthcoming Productions” on OMM’s website, https://www.orchestra.sg

Tickets are on sale through Sistic.