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21. Jan 2020
21. Jan 2020
Finals of the London WS 2020 Young Lecturer Prize


Tues 21st Jan 2020, 6pm for 7-9pm
Swedenborg Hall, Barter Street, London WC1A 2TH

We are very happy to announce our first 2020 Young Lecturer Prize, to be held on 21st January at Swedenborg Hall, London. The prize is for Young Academics, and the Finalists will be presenting a short  lecture topic with a Wagnerian theme. The jury will be chaired by Professor John Deathridge. The lecturers that will be presented are:

Mahler Encountering Parsifal: The impact of Wagnerian aesthetics and the legacy of Wagner’s Parsifal on the life and works of Gustav Mahler. This lecture evaluates the influence of Wagnerian music and aesthetics on Gustav Mahler, centring around his relationship with Wagner’s final music drama, Parsifal.

“Remembrances and Forebodings”: Traumatic memory in the life and works of Richard Wagner. In 1849, Richard Wagner participated in a bloody revolution in Dresden. This was without doubt a traumatic experience. Following his escape, Wagner produced a series of essays that laid out his vision for a new “artwork of the future”. This lecture will argue  that the “artwork of the future” cannot be fully understood without confronting Wagner’s trauma, and I will suggest that the composer  was really a casualty of Dresden.

‘Late-romantic Music Drama as a Codified Mediator: Connotation and Metalanguage in Wagner's Gesamtkunstwerk’.  This lecture seeks to examine the Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk as a linguistic construct in rupture with the history of theatrical representation. Indeed, within the history of 19th-century dramatic art, Richard Wagner’s momentous ideal of a motivic, holistic and most importantly syncretic music-drama calls for a due structural analysis of its sign-producing mechanisms.