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18. Jun 2022
18. Jun 2022
Zoom Webinar
WS Northern California - Paul Thomason on Kirsten Flagstad
June 18th 1:00 WSNC will present a Zoom webinar and our guest speaker is Paul Thomason.

Thomason's subject is Kirsten Flagstad on the occasion of her 127th birthday. 

During Kirsten Flagstad’s career she enchanted millions of people, and today her recordings are a touchstone that prove truly great singing can convey astounding depths of emotion while still remaining beautiful—even in the most strenuous roles written by Richard Wagner. But The Flagstad of Legend could very easily never have happened. Except for a series of fortuitous circumstances it is quite possible that Kirsten Flagstad would have always remained what she was before her Metropolitan Opera debut—a well-respected, hard-working soprano virtually unknown outside of Scandinavia.   

Over the last couple of decades, Paul Thomason's unique way of speaking and writing about classical music and opera has delighted audiences around the US, in Europe and Australia. He has written program notes and feature pieces for the San Francisco Opera, San Francisco Symphony, Washington National Opera and the Metropolitan Opera.