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22. May 2022
22. May 2022
San Francisco
WS Northern California - return of the Wagner Birthday Celebration
We are excited to announce the 2022 Richard Wagner Birthday Celebration.  Last year we held a fun virtual Zoom party, but this year it will be in person. We will be gathering in San Francisco at the Sunset Reservoir Brewing Company in their mezzanine party area on Sunday May 22nd, Richard Wagner's birth date. WSNC members only, places are limited to 50.

Also taking place on May 22nd will be a performance of Wagner's early opera Das Liebesverbot, renamed "No Love Allowed" by the late Donald Pippin in his customary witty translation. 

Passions run high in Palermo, until a newly appointed head-of-state decrees that all pleasures—including love—are forbidden. Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure is given musical life in Wagner’s second opera. The performance is at the Legion of Honor Theatre which is quite near to the party venue.  To obtain tickets, please visit the Pocket Opera website https://pocketopera.org/2022-season/no-love-allowed/