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Book Launch in Villa Wahnfried “Vollendet das ewige Werk”!
Although publication of “The History of the Bayreuth Festival” took many years to achieve, this is a work not written for "eternity", rather for readers in the here and now.
Thus read the invitation to a presentation of the book by its author, Dr. Oswald Georg Bauer at Villa Wahnfried on July 26th.  It continued as follows:

" The support in words, deeds and donations displayed to the author and his project was overwhelming . Along with individuals interested in the works of Wagner and in the Bayreuth Festival , the initiative undertaken by the International Association of Wagner Societies (RWVI) made it possible to finance the publication of this two -volume work.”

Horst Eggers, President of the RWVI and Dr. Oswald Georg Bauer issued a cordial invitation to attend this event to celebrate the history of the Festival. 

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