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The November 2016 issue of The Wagner Journal is now available
The latest edition of this prestigious English language Wagner journal is now available to purchase.
The photos above are referenced in the journal on pages 33, 59 and 72.

The editorial team are pleased to announce the November 2016 issue (vol.10, no.3) of The Wagner Journal, which contains the following articles:

• Daniel Sheridan on the 1850 premiere of Lohengrin and its contribution to Weimar’s cultural heritage
• Eva Rieger on Frida Leider and her controversial career in 1930s Germany
• Jonas Karlsson on little-known Wagnerian iconography in the satirical journal Kladderadatsch, 1914–1944

plus reviews of:
  • the new Parsifal and revived Tristan at Bayreuth
  • Daniel Kramer's Tristan at ENO
  • David Bösch's Die Meistersinger in Munich
  • Graham Vick's Tristan in Berlin
  • Francesca Zambello's Ring in Washington and
  • Mariame Clément's Das Liebesverbot in Mulhouse
DVD of Katharina Wagner's Bayreuth Tristan

Roger Scruton's The Ring of Truth 
The Wisdom of Wagner's 'Ring of the Nibelung'
Barry Emslie's Speculations on German History: Culture and the State;
Peter Franklin's Reclaiming Late-Romantic Music: Singing Devils and Distant Sounds; 
Ortrun Landmann, Wolfgang Mende and Hans-Günter Ottenberg (ed.), Richard Wagner: Kgl. Kapellmeister in Dresden

The journal can be accessed at: www.thewagnerjournal.co.uk.