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News from Karlsruhe
WS Karlsruhe hosts schoolchildren to Rheingold and initiates first Levi prize for youngsters.
In connection with the new "Ring" at the Badische Staatstheater, the Richard-Wagner-Verband Karlsruhe organised an introduction to the Das Rheingold at the Heisenberg Gymnasium on 4 May 2017.

Dr. Boris Kehrmann, the dramaturg, and Renatus Meszar, the Wotan of this current production, described to about 100 pupils, how it came about and what it means to put such a piece on the stage. Having already been introduced to the composition and the story by their music teachers, the youngsters were fascinated and inspired for almost two hours by Laura Schmittinger from Lernradio.

On Sunday,7 May 2017,  a group of students and teachers attended the opera live on stage and were able to hear "their" Wotan perform.  Overall, the response was really good and similar events are likely to be repeated from time to time..

And in further news, the Richard-Wagner-Verband Karlsruhe has offered the "Hermann-Levi-Award" for the first time in this school year 2017. This prize is intended to award high school graduates for outstanding achievements in the fields of music, art and performance. In addition to evidence of artistic commitment, the reward will also acknowledge extra-curricular activities such as special group work, work groups, concerts, exhibitions and performances.

The award, which is also supported by the Badisches Staatstheater, includes membership of the Karlsruhe Wagner Society, a prize in kind and an invitation to an opera performance for 2 persons.