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Odina Diephaus establishes a new foundation in Koblenz for young singers
Following her appointment as an honorary member of the Koblenz WS, after receiving the Golden W from the RWVI, Odina Diephaus and her brother have established a new foundation....
... with a donation of 30,000 Euros, to enable the Wagner Society of Koblenz to provide scholarships to young artists to attend the Bayreuth Festival for years to come.

In light of the increase in the costs of sending scholarship holders to Bayreuth in recent years, without this donation the WS Koblenz would have had to reduce the number of scholarishop holders from 6 to 5 per year, as income from their membership fees is rather modest.  

By means of this excellent foundation, they will now be able to send another 5 young artists to Bayreuth every year.  Additionally, the initial capital has grown to 37,000. Euros by means of further donations; we recommend that other societies follow our lead in this.

Thank you, Odina Diephaus 

Dr. Albin Lütke
Chairman of the RWV Koblenz