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High standard on display at the Netherlands Scholars' Concert
The Wagner Genootschap in Amsterdam held its annual Stipendiatenkonzert in May this year
On May 23rd the annual Stipendiatenconcert in Amsterdam proved more noteworthy than ever before.

Most impressive were the 2016 Scholar Florieke Beelen, a mezzo-soprano who is forging a great operatic career, along with the all-Wagner programme given by mezzo-soprano Eunkyong Lim, winner of last year's ‘Wagner-Prize of the Netherlands’ at the International Vocal Competition in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Thanks to the prize Mrs Lim is being coached at the moment in Dresden by Wagner-specialist Jobst  Schneiderat and the great Wagner mezzo-soprano Christa Mayer.

See:   https://www.facebook.com/wagnergenootschap/videos/799807903551145/

Afterwards in a dignified ceremony with several audio-visual presentations of their musical performances, the Dutch opera couple Eva Maria Westbroek and Frank van Aken were awarded honorary membership of the Wagnergenootschap Nederland.